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1.Product Information

Model No.: BP101

Capacity: 16000mAh/59.2Wh

Size: 231*122*42mm

Start Current: 1000Amps

Peak Current: 2000Amps

AC Output:110V/60Hz/100W

USB Output :5V/9V/12V|5V/2.1A

DC output voltage:12V~16.8V/10A

DC input: 18V/1A

Lifespan: 1000 times

Battery Type: Li-Po Battery


It is able to jump 12V engines up to 7.0 L gasoline car engines, And to 6.5 L diesel car engines.

2.Application field





3.Packing & Accessories

Standard packing:

1.Gift box

2.Zip carry bag

3.Jump cable

4.User manual

5.USB to Type-C charging cable

6.AC adaptor

7.Wall charger





USB 3 in 1 charging cable


Q. How long does the jump starter supply power to notebook?

A.Since size of notebook display and charging management efficiency are different, it is difficult to determine the number of times of charging.In the case of Lenovo notebook testing,the power supply time is as high as 3-6 hours.When the notebook is charging the notebook battery needs to be taken down for power supply.

Q. How about the warranty?

A.We offer a limited warranty for this product any defects in material and workmanship for a period 12 months for the date of purchase by the end of user.

Q.Can I immediately charge the jump starer after the jump starter jumping car?

A: It is not allowed to charge the jump starter immediately after starting the car with this product.

Q. Do you provide private label or can you put my own logo on the products? 

A: Sure we can ! Please contact us and talk about your further needs.

Q. I found a supplier with a cheaper price?

A: Please do not only compare the products by spec or description. Products are quite different even if they looks same: from material, quality, PCB protection diagram etc. Please test our real products! We are helping more and more customers making a greater business, we are confident that Boltpower products are very competitive in the market.

Q.Why does not the jump starter charge fully?

A.Please check the charger’s voltage whether meet the standard,use the charger of the same voltage or original charger.And ensure the connector is correct.

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