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1.Product information


Up to 5.7L Gasoline car engines, 

And to 4.0L Diesel car Engines.

2.Application field


Jump starter

With unique soft finishing and portable to carry, every driver should keep one in the car.


3.Standard Packing

1.Gift box

2.Zip carry bag

3.F15 LED SCREEN smart jump cable

4.User manual

5.USB to Type-C charging cable


Other Optional (not included)



Q. Jump starter can not power on?

A . Firstly, kindly check Power button turn to “on”, then can power on. Secondly, maybe there is no power ,need recharge it.

Q. Can I mix the design with other jump starters?

A. Yes, of course we can arrange a engineers to design a new product for you

Q. Can I place an order less than MOQ?

A. Yes, for the first time. we can support you.

Q. How about the quality?

A.The battery we use is UL certificated battery. In our factory there is systematic quality testment machine. After first aging we will place it in warehouse then will test battery again.

Q. Will you send me sample so I can test the quality?

A. Yes, after sample confirmation, then we will start mass production.

Q. If I cooperate with you, how my market will be protected?

A. we can give you the exclusive right in the intended country or area.

Q. Which way I can pay for the order?

A. Usually we accept T/T, Western Union and Pay pal. If you want to pay via other terms, contact us.

Q. How about the warranty?

A. We offer a limited warranty for this product against any defects in material and workmanship for a period 12 months for the date of purchase by the end of user.

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