1000A Series

1000A Series


If you are in need of a powerful and reliable car jump starter, the Boltpower 1000A series is an excellent option to consider. As a trusted manufacturer of car jump starters, Boltpower is committed to providing high-quality products that are designed to meet the needs of vehicle owners in any situation.The Boltpower 1000A Series car jump starter is designed for those who need even more power and versatility, making it suitable for most passenger cars, light trucks, and even some larger vehicles. 

Boltpower G41 1000A Peak 10400mAh 12V Car Jumper Battery Jump Starter

The Boltpower G41 Car Jump Starter is the perfect environmental solution for your automotive needs. This product is designed with a powerful lithium-ion battery that is capable of jump-starting your car up to 20 times on a single charge.

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Boltpower G39 1000A Peak 10400mAh Car Battery Jump Starter

The Boltpower G39 Car Jump Starter is ideal for eco-friendly drivers looking for a car jump starter that is powerful, compact, and safe. A car jump starter is a great way to avoid the danger, inconvenience and cost of being stranded with a dead car battery. Get the reliable, convenient and environmental benefits of the Boltpower G39M today.

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Boltpower G39P 1000A Peak 12V Power Bank Car Jump Starter

Boltpower G39P Car Jump Starter, the perfect tool to get your car back on the road in no time. It also features a powerful 1000A peak current, making it capable of jump-starting a wide range of vehicles up to 5.0L gas and 3.0L diesel engines.

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Boltpower G30 1000 Amp 12V Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

A car jump starter is a great way to avoid the danger, inconvenience, and cost of being stranded with a dead car battery. The Boltpower G30 car jump starter is an excellent choice for those who want fast, reliable, and environmentally friendly starting power.

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Boltpower G27P 10400mAh 12V Lithium Battery Jump Starter

It is the perfect combination of convenience, environmental friendliness, and power. This small, lightweight device is designed to fit easily in a glove compartment or pocket, making it easy to carry and store. It packs a powerful punch, capable of jump starting a car up to 5.0L gas car or 3.0L diesel cars.

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