600A Series

600A Series


Boltpower 600A Series car jump starter is the perfect solution for jump starting smaller vehicles with engines up to 4.0 liters. With a compact and lightweight design, this jump starter is easy to store in your vehicle and take with you on the go. It features a powerful lithium-ion battery and can also be used to charge other devices like phones and tablets with its built-in USB ports. The 600A Series jump starter also comes with a built-in LED flashlight that can be used in emergency situations or to light up your work area. 

Overall, the Boltpower 600A Series jump starter is a reliable and convenient tool to have on hand for emergency situations or everyday use. In addition to the 600A series, we also offer other series of Car Jumper Starter, which you can browse through our website.

Boltpower D29P 600A Peak 12V 4000mAh Small Mini Car Jump Starter

The BoltPower D29P Mini Jump Starter is designed to get your car battery recharged quickly. It provides up to a 700A peak current, allowing you to experience charging times up to 3x faster than traditional chargers. With the BoltPower D29P Mini Jump Starter, never worry about being stranded with a dead car battery again.

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Boltpower K12F 600A Peak 12V Jump Starter Power Bank

Boltpower K12F Car Jump Starter is the 3rd generation lithium battery jump starter with QDSP( Quick Discharge Starting Power) fast discharging starting technology. The maximum starting current can be increased by 3-5 times with the same capacity on the basis of the second generation of lithium battery starting power, and the starting performance can be improved significantly.

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Boltpower K11P 4000mAh Small Capacity 12V Car Jump Starter Power Bank

Boltpower K11P offers unparalleled quality and features. Thanks to its Lithium-Polymer battery, you can count on getting 500+ charges without seeing any significant decline in performance. That’s why we are confident in offering our 1-3 years warranty.

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Boltpower K11F 600A Peak 4000mAh Jump Starter Battery

Boltpower K11F mobile jump Starterer Car Jump Starter is light, cute, soft in our palm. Designers incorporate their gentleness into product design, so that our products show a rounded, intimate and friendly design style. The rounded form has a soft felling that turns complexity into simplicity and is more in harmony with the surrounding environment.

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Boltpower C02 600A Peak 12V Car Jumper Battery Pack Jump Starter

The Boltpower C02 Car Jump Starter is the perfect automotive tool to have with you in your vehicle. With its 14.8Wh capacity and a peak current of 600A, it is capable of starting most vehicles on a single charge. Our advanced technology allows for maximum power delivery for starting critical applications, giving your vehicle the jump it needs in moments.

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Boltpower C01 14.8Wh Capacity 12V Portable Car Battery Charger Jump Starter

Complete with a safety control protection chip and a power indicator light, the BoltPower C01 car jump starter is the perfect device for charging your car or other electronic devices and making sure you never have to worry about being stranded without power again!

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