2000A Series

2000A Series


Boltpower's car jump starter product series offer a range of options to suit different power needs and vehicle sizes. From the compact and lightweight 600A Series to the extreme power and performance of the 2000A Series, Boltpower's car jump starters are reliable, versatile, and designed to meet the demands of any situation. With their rugged and durable designs, multiple charging options, built-in flashlights, and other useful features, Boltpower's car jump starters are a must-have for any vehicle owner, whether for emergency situations or everyday use.

Boltpower is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality car jump starters, with a strong focus on innovation, quality control, and customer service.  If you are in need of a high-quality car jump starter, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our products and services.

Boltpower G32P 16000mAh 12V Battery Jump Starter

With a capacity of up to 7.0L gas and 6.5L diesel engines, the Boltpower G32P Car Jump Starter is the perfect choice for anyone looking to jump-start their car quickly and easily. It also features a USB Port for charging devices, making it a great choice for camping or road trips and an essential item to have in your vehicle in case of unexpected circumstances.

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Boltpower G29 2000A Peak 12V Vehicles Car Emergency Tool Jump Starter

Have you ever been in an emergency when your car ran out of power and wouldn't start? Our Boltpower G29 Car Jump Starter will solve your problem. It is an innovative multifunctional portable emergency starting power supply product. It is popular for starting a car, and our products are also capable of charging devices such as motorcycles, mobile phones, cameras, game consoles, laptops, and photographic equipment.

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Boltpower G26P 2000A Peak 16000mAh Super Capacitor Jump Starter

It offers reliable, quick, and easy jump starting with 2000A peak current, while also providing a wide range of additional features designed to give you peace of mind in any situation. These include LED lighting for roadside emergencies, phone charging, USB output for charging your devices, and a compact size for easy storage and transport.

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Boltpower G21P 2000A Peak 16000mAh 12V Jump Starter Cables

Boltpower Jump Starter is an innovative, multifunctional portable emergency and starting power supply product developed to meet the needs of car lovers and business people alike. For outstanding reliability and exceptional value, there is no further than the Bolt power G21P car jump starter and its outstanding quality.

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