Portable Power Station

Portable Power Station


Portable power stations, also known as portable battery generators, are becoming increasingly popular as people look for convenient and reliable sources of power for their outdoor adventures or as backup power during emergencies. It typically use lithium-ion batteries to store energy and convert it to AC or DC power that can be used to charge electronic devices, power appliances, or even run power tools. They are compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and set up.

One of the biggest advantages of portable power stations is their versatility. They can be used to power a variety of devices, from phones and laptops to refrigerators and electric grills, making them perfect for camping trips, tailgating parties, and other outdoor activities. They can also be used as backup power sources during power outages or natural disasters, providing a reliable source of energy when traditional power sources are unavailable.

Another advantage of portable power stations is their eco-friendliness. Since they use rechargeable batteries, they don't produce harmful emissions like traditional gas-powered generators, making them a more sustainable option for powering your devices and appliances.

When choosing a portable power station, there are several factors to consider, including the capacity of the battery, the number and type of outlets available, and the overall size and weight of the unit. Some models also come with additional features like built-in inverters, USB ports, and LED lights.

Boltpower is a leading manufacturer of portable power stations, providing customized OEM & ODM services to clients. We specialize in the design, development, and production of portable power solutions that cater to the diverse needs of different industries. Our product range is diverse and includes a wide range of portable power stations which are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. These power stations are equipped with high-quality lithium-ion batteries, providing reliable and long-lasting power for a variety of applications.

Boltpower has a strong presence in the global market and is known for its high-quality products, competitive pricing, and reliable services. If you are interested in our products and services, welcome to contact us, Boltpower is looking forward to cooperating with you.

Boltpower BP101 100W 59.2Wh Portable Power Station

The Boltpower BP101 100W Portable Power Station is the ultimate solution for your off-grid power needs.With high capacity, this power station is capable of powering your smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and other small electronic devices for extended periods of time.

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Boltpower BP102 100W 99Wh Power Charging Station Portable Power Station

Solid and balanced fuselage, exquisite workmanship, the most fascinating is the perfect proportion of the fuselage segmentation, creating a more rhythmic sense of visual level. The Boltpower BP102 power Portable Power Station is a reliable, efficient, and convenient power source for all your off-grid power needs. It's perfect for anyone who needs a portable power source for their outdoor adventures or emergency situations.

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Boltpower BP301 300W 296Wh Lithium Battery Generator Portable Power Station

With a 300W continuous output, it provides enough power to charge all your devices, including phones, laptops, and even medical equipment. The lithium battery can be recharged from any standard wall outlet, car cigarette lighter, or solar panel, so you can always stay connected no matter where you go.

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Boltpower BP200 200W 148Wh Portable Power Station

Our Boltpower BP200 200W Portable Power Station is easy to deal with sudden outage. They can meet the emergency charging requirements for devices less than 200W, such as laptops, stereos, drone, and small fans. It is the portable outdoor emergency energy storage power.

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Boltpower BP201 200W 222Wh Portable Power Station

Small size make a big difference. The dimension of Boltpower BP201 200W Portable Power Station are 190x177x120mm, which saves your space. Besides, it has 2 DC output port, 3 USB output port, 1 Type-C output, 1 Master switch, and 1 DC input port. It works on many different devices, and you can charge several at the same time.

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Boltpower BP201(Red) 200W 222Wh Portable Power Station

Our Boltpower BP201(Red) 200W Portable Power Station is a great outdoor energy storage power device. It is small, portable, and powerful. This 200W high power station output provides enough energy to charge your laptop, phone, and other USB devices. It features an LCD display that shows the remaining power.

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Boltpower BP501 500W 518Wh Lithium Power Station

The Boltpower BP501 500W lithium power station, a revolutionary new power station designed to provide reliable and consistent power. Our proprietary lithium technology has been developed to provide up to 500 watts of power, while its improved durability has been increased by up to 6 times compared to traditional power stations. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport, and its multiple charging ports make it ideal for powering multiple devices at once.

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Boltpower BP501(Red) 500W 518Wh Lithium Power Station

With its long-lasting battery life and reliable performance, the Boltpower BP501(Red) 500W lithium power station is the perfect solution for your power needs. This sleek and powerful device is designed to provide you with reliable and fast charging, with a maximum speed of 500W. Get the Boltpower BP501(Red) 500W lithium power station and enjoy reliable and fast charging!

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Boltpower BP501(White) 500W 518Wh Lithium Power Station

With 518W of high power, it can satisfy a variety of needs. The power station is designed with a light, portable construction and a simple, user-friendly interface. It features two USB ports, and two AC outlets, making it ideal for charging phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices.

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Boltpower BP601 600W 403Wh Portable Power Station For Power Backup

The Boltpower BP601 has several safety features like short circuit protection, temperature monitoring, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection to ensure safe and efficient charging while operating optimally. And it is designed for easy portability, and it is compact in size hence making it convenient for traveling purposes since one can easily move around with it. With it, you can go anywhere without worrying about your electricity.

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Boltpower BP701 700W 666Wh Portable Power Station For Camping

It can power many devices, including different products that are currently on the market. Including mobile phones, digital cameras, tavle lamp,router, fans, breathing machine and laptops. With its capacity of 700W, you can go camping without worrying about your electricity.

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Boltpower BP888(White) 1000W 888Wh Portable Power Station Lifepo4 Power Station

The Boltpower BP888(White) 1000W Portable Power Station lifepo4 power station is an all-in-one portable power solution. With up to 1000 watts of power, this power station can easily power multiple large devices at once while on the go. Its built-in quick charging system also allows users to charge their devices quickly and safely. Perfect for camping, fishing, or any other outdoor activities, the Boltpower BP888 is a must have for any adventurer.

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